VAT, Payroll & Bookkeeping

VATIt's our job to get your books straight and keep them that way. We will collect all the receipts, bank statements and other papers and make sure that they are filed correctly to meet the requirements of requirements of Customs & Excise and other interested parties and all at a competitive price and convenience to you.

We take pride in keeping the accounting records up to date, making sure the analysis is right and that the accounts balance, so, if you want to concentrate on running your business, allow us to concentrate on what we do best, which is managing your accounts.


The proprietor of any small business will tell you that life is simple until the day when you take on your first employee, for it is then that you find what "red-tape" really means. You become an unpaid tax collector and may even be fined for accidentally getting it wrong or sending forms in late.

We carry out an online payroll service. You can get on with running your business in the knowledge that experienced professionals are making sure that the payroll is calculated properly and that your business complies with the law. We will deal with the Inland Revenue on your behalf and make sure that all forms are completed accurately and are submitted by the due date

We can help with:
• Processing Payroll
• Dealing with the Inland Revenue
• Completing all year end returns
• Pension scheme adjustments
• Bonus, commission and other additional pay schemes
• Maternity and Statutory Sick Pay
• Completion of forms P35, P11d, P45, P60, P14 and all other forms required to run your payroll

PAYE & National Insurance

The penalties which can be charged for failing to properly apply the PAYE and NIC regulations are amongst the most stringent on the tax statute book. Failure to comply can ruin a business, and as always, ignorance of the law is no defence.

We offer a complete and cost-effective service for payroll.

For payroll we can make all the calculations, complete all the forms and tell you how much to pay and when.


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